Simple and Effective Fundraising Activity

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Jessica Nipp Hacker
Jessica Nipp Hacker

The number one rule of thumb in fundraising is, “people give because they are asked.“​​​ Here’s a friendly, low-stress way to make asking fun: the Wall of Money!

Wall of Money for web
Here’s how to set it up: grab some envelopes, number them sequentially, and decorate them in an inviting manner (decorating the envelopes is a great job for a youth group!). Hang the envelopes up on the wall in a conspicuous place.

Then do some great education about the ELCA Malaria Campaign in your congregation! You can find helpful resources on our web page,, under “resources” (or just click here!),

Invite members of the congregation to choose an envelope (or more than one envelope!) that they are comfortable with, fill it up with the appropriate amount of money – $1 for envelope number 1, $15 for envelope number 15, $98 for envelope number 98 – and return it to you.  As the envelopes disappear from the wall, your fundraising totals rack up!  This simple activity can really inspire a large amount of generosity.

  • If you use 100 envelopes, your fundraising potential is $5,050.
  • If you use 150 envelopes, your fundraising potential is $11,325.
  • If you use 200 envelopes, your fundraising potential is $20,100.

To make the gifts extra special, stuff each envelope with a thank-you note and an ELCA Malaria Campaign sticker for the donor.

If you’d like to help people visualize the impact that their gift will have, here are some helpful price points:

  • $1 buys a rapid diagnostic test for malaria
  • $2 buys a course of malaria medication to treat someone who is infected with malaria
  • $6 covers medication to protect a pregnant woman and her baby throughout the pregnancy
  • $10 covers an insecticide-treated mosquito net and the education to help people use it correctly
  • $100 trains and equips a village health team
If you try this fundraiser, we’d love to hear how it goes! Send your awesome stories to