Saint Andrew Lutheran Church’s vacation Bible school raises $1,000 for the ELCA Malaria Campaign!

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Ashley Debilzen
Ashley Debilzen

​This week’s story was written using details provided by Pastor Amy Feira of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church in Centreville, Va.. ​

Soon after starting her first call as pastor, Amy Feira learned that the theme of Saint Andrew Lutheran Church’s vacation Bible school was “sky” and would focus on all things that fly. Though they had a theme, the vacation Bible school organizers had not yet decided on a mission to support with the daily offerings brought by the 150 vacation Bible school kids and volunteer leaders. Feira got the idea to focus the vacation Bible school offering on the ELCA Malaria Campaign after reading an article that said that the campaign was close to reaching its $15 million goal. At this, Feira thought, “Well, mosquitoes are flying objects – maybe we can work them into our theme!” Saint Andrew had also supported the ELCA Malaria Campaign in the past so Feira knew it would be familiar to many of the families in the congregation. ​

The week before vacation Bible school, Feira attended the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Synod Assembly and came across a malaria leader’s table display stocked with an array of resources. The malaria leader gave Feira a mosquito net, stickers, a table poster and videos, which Feira used to make a display in Saint Andrew’s narthex.

During vacation Bible school, the kids learned something about malaria and how it affects kids their age in Africa. Feira told them that bed nets are a great way to prevent getting sick from malaria, and that each net costs $10. Each day vacation Bible school participants counted how many nets they would be able to provide for children in another part of the world. The kids had fun guessing how many nets they would be able to send. Vacation Bible school organizers also printed coloring pages for the kids to take home and then used the completed pages for decorations. On Friday the kids were very proud to have had reached their goal of 100 nets to help 100 children!

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