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“We are getting treatment quickly”–Lutheran Malaria Program in Malawi

Posted on June 25, 2013 by jessicanipp
Senior Chief Bango, Malawi

Senior Chief Bango, Malawi

Senior Chief Bango has seen the effects of the Lutheran Malaria Program in Malawi. He has watched his community learn to save money communally, and to use that money to purchase transportation and supplies that help them to access hospital care and malaria prevention resources. He shares his experiences: “So with the coming of the church [malaria program], we are getting treatment [more] quickly than in the past, when it took us time to go to the hospital to be treated.” “We have received information from the workers—the malaria people who are going around—telling us, when you get these signs, these symptoms, it is malaria and we should rush to the hospital.  And because of this, now we are rushing, we are going, we are getting the treatment. ” “It is very important for the church to support in this way, to the malaria, because most of the time we go to church when we are feeling better, when we are healthy. So if I’m sick, I cannot attend church activities. And in so doing, spiritually I will be… hungry, because I will not get the words.”  To read the entire interview with Senior Chief Bango, click here.

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