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Wanted: Empty Mosquito Net Before Easter

Posted on February 18, 2013 by allisonbeebe
Pipe Cleaner MosquitoLord of Life Lutheran Church, at its two campuses located in Clifton, VA and Fairfax VA, will spend the season of Lent eliminating a swarm of pipe-cleaner mosquitos. Mosquito-covered nets are hanging in the narthex and it’s up to the congregation to make sure that they are mosquito-free by Easter. This story comes to us from Dorothy Sorrell, who volunteers as the Metro DC Synod coordinator for the ELCA Malaria Campaign. Dorothy writes: “The members of Lord of Life, Fairfax and Clifton, Virginia, have been invaded by 500 mosquitoes! The congregation members will need to donate $10, the cost of a mosquito net, so they can remove one of these pesky pests from the narthexes’ mosquito nets.  The $5000 that is raised from these exterminations will be forwarded to the ELCA Malaria Campaign to be used for programs that educate people about malaria, train leaders and prevent malaria.  Working with Lutheran Church bodies in eleven African countries, the ELCA Malaria Campaign’s goal is to make malaria history.” Lord of Life Campaign 1 Thanks to Dorothy for the story and Allen Butte for the photographs! We wish Lord of Life Lutheran Church much success with their Lenten campaign against malaria.

What great projects has your congregation done to support the ELCA Malaria Campaign?  We would love to hear all about your efforts. Let us know at Jessica.Nipp@elca.org or Allison.Beebe@elca.org.




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  1. Jeanne Heggen said,

    on February 18th, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    that’s adorable fun! Good job!