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Presenting the Right Images

Posted on September 18, 2013 by jessicanipp

Erin Strybis is one of the Marketing Managers who works at the Churchwide office of the ELCA. Today, ALDE (the Association of Lutheran Development Executives) published an article written by Erin, entitled “Wisdom Wednesdays: Presenting the Right Image.”

Zambia MJ Junia from Kanyibombu 2In the article (which you can read here), Erin talks about how the ELCA chooses and uses photographs that uphold human dignity.

You may have noticed that the photos used in the ELCA Malaria Campaign don’t show sick children dying from malaria.  Instead, they show the skilled volunteers and health care workers who are implementing impactful programming.  They depict program participants who have benefited from Lutheran malaria programs.  They show children and families whose lives have changed for the better.

Erin writes: “I have a responsibility to tell the story of our organization’s work in a powerful way, but in a way that is grounded in our mission.  I try to use photos that are authentic, uplifting and show how our work is relational.  The alternative is just not right for our organization.  We are telling a larger story: a story of hope, faith and the way God calls us to work in the world together.”

Thank you, Erin, for putting into words the strong relationship we have with our companions all over the world– and the care we take with the words and images that we choose to represent the great work that we are privileged to be a part of!

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  1. Brandee Marckmann said,

    on September 19th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Huge kudos to Jessica and Erin! I wish that more nonprofits and professional fundraisers would apply these principles to their work.

  2. jessicanipp said,

    on September 20th, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Thanks, Brandee. It’s really important to us to honor our partners and their strengths.