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Mitchie, the Misunderstood Mosquito

Posted on February 21, 2013 by jessicanipp

Special thanks to Marlen Livezey, who wrote and shared this one-person skit, which was used with the Sunday school students at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Glenside, PA.

mosquito2Hey listen!  Name’s Mitchie.  I represent the mosquitoes’ union—and I have a complaint!  I know I’m small.  I know I’m not colorful and cute like a ladybug or elegant like a butterfly, but WHY are you picking on me? Don’t you like to eat breakfast and dinner? 

Well, so do I.  It just happens that I don’t have a jaw, a mouth full of teeth and a tongue like you do.  I have to suck up my meals through a sort of a straw.   So already you can see how limited my menu is. 

But I’m not complaining about that.  I manage OK. You see, I quietly, politely sneak up on you so as not to disturb you.  Then I take a l-i-t-t-l-e bite and suck some of your yummy blood.  It’s not much, but it keeps me flying.  Heck! You have more than enough.  You can share a little.

Besides, you can hardly feel it.  OK, so I leave an itchy bump.  Big deal!  The itch goes away in a day or two, doesn’t it?

What’s that?  You say I spread diseases?  That every minute—every 60 seconds—someone in Africa, usually a child under the age of five, dies of malaria because of a mosquito bite? 

Well, where do you think I get the malaria from?   Huh?  I get it from YOU.  That’s right.  If you didn’t have diseases like malaria or west nile virus or dengue fever or other diseases, I wouldn’t be spreading them, now would I?  It’s not MY fault.

Another thing!  I don’t like those creams and sprays you put on your skin.  They give me a headache and spoil my appetite!  Spend your money on something better…like candy.  That would make your blood sweet.  Or buy perfumes, so I can find you more easily in the dark.

And why do you destroy my eggs? I so carefully lay them in your puddles and buckets and saucers under your house plants.  They’re my babies.  How can mosquitoes survive if you keep dumping out the water and killing my eggs? 

But the MAIN reason I’m here talking to you is, as I told you before, I’m from the mosquitoes’ union.  My friends sent me to tell you that they are finding it ever harder to get a decent meal because people are covering themselves with nets while they sleep.  THAT’S NOT FAIR!  We mosquitoes have to eat to live, too?  Don’t we?  [SWAT!]


  1. Where does someone, usually a child,  die of malaria every minute?
  2. Where are people sleeping under nets to avoid mosquito bites?
  3. From where do mosquitoes get diseases?
  4. What diseases are spread by mosquitoes?
  5. How do mosquitoes spread diseases?
  6. How can we control the number of mosquitoes?
  7. Why do you suppose malaria is not a big problem here?
  8. What do you think WE can do to help to save the lives of children in Africa?

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