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March Madness to Help Fight Malaria!

Posted on March 11, 2013 by jessicanipp

Check out this awesome March Madness project from the Virginia Synod malaria team! Basketball fans from all over the ELCA can participate.

Nets 4 Nets!  NCAA Tournament Challenge

tournament challengeIt is March Madness.  For basketball fans this phrase means basketball frenzy.  It means college basketball.  It means tournament time.  It means wall to wall basketball.  AND for both basketball fans and for many people who could care less about basketball it means filling out a bracket of predictions for the Final Four and an NCAA basketball national champion.

It is time for March Madness and it is time to put an end to malaria.  In an effort to answer God’s call to care more and in conjunction with the ELCA Malaria Campaign, Lutherans of the Virginia Synod are invited to fill out a NCAA Tournament Bracket and provide mosquito nets for people threatened by this deadly yet preventable disease.

Here is what you do:

 1.  Go to ESPN.com to the Fantasy and Games Tournament Challenge page and register.  You will have to set up a user name and password – it’s free.

2.  About a week from now when they are ready to accept selections, but BEFORE Noon on March 21 you will have to submit your selections for the tournament.  This can be done on the ESPN website using the username and password you registered.

3.  Once you have made selections you have the option of entering those picks into a “group”.  Go to the “My Groups” tab on the tournament challenge page and search for Nets4Nets.  That’s our group name: Nets4Nets.  This will be an open group without a password.

4.  Finally, we are asking each person submitting a bracket to either make a $10 donation to the Malaria Campaign online (http://www.team2017.org/) or make that gift through your congregation to the Virginia Synod.  For those donating online please make your donation in the “Nets 4 Nets” block on our donation page.  Each entry equals one mosquito net!

Once the basketball tournament begins we plan to open lines of communication for commentary, words of encouragement, or even a bit of bragging.  A world with Malaria is madness – so let March Madness and Nets for Nets begin!

If you have questions please email Rev. David Derrick at pastordavid@stphiliplutheran.net  or Matt Wertman at mattwertman@gmail.com.

Thanks for playing and thanks for helping put an end to malaria!

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  1. Allison said,

    on March 11th, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    We liked this idea so much that we’re going to form our own “Nets 4 Nets” pool here at the Churchwide Office in Chicago. Thanks for the great idea, Virgina Synod!