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Making an impact in Zambia: Part 1

Posted on February 8, 2013 by jessicanipp

Zambia Kashima in chargeKashima, Zambia

Community members in Kashima, Zambia voiced concerns over the shortages of malaria medication in this area—particularly ACTs, which are the current front-line malaria treatment. At the government-run Kashima Rural Health Center, however, this shortage has not been felt firsthand, relates the woman who is in charge of the clinic (pictured, in white).  In part because of its partnership with the Lutheran Malaria Program in Zambia, the clinic in Kashima has not been compromised by the ACT shortage. Through this collaboration, Lutherans have helped to ensure a steady supply of ACTs to Kashima, in order to treat diagnosed cases of malaria in at the clinic. The Kashima clinic’s leader is hoping to increase the clinic’s collaboration with the Lutheran Malaria Program in the near future.

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