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“Life is now easy, very much easy.”

Posted on June 23, 2013 by jessicanipp
Stella Kaziputa, Kapili Health Center, Malawi

Stella Kaziputa, Kapili Health Center, Malawi

Stella Kaziputa is the nurse, midwife and technician at Kapili Health Center in Malawi. She comments on the impact of the Lutheran Malaria Program in Malawi. 

 “Before the project started, we had a lot of malaria cases; most especially in the under-5 children.  But since 2011, when the project started, we have had a great reduction of malaria in the under-5 children, or even the pregnant women.” 

“Life is now easy, very much easy, since the beginning of the program. Since the program started, we have had reduced cases of malaria which are being attended [to] at the health facility.”

“And the referred cases for malaria, with the severe signs of malaria: before the project started, there were about 10-15 children in a week. [At] this time we can [count] only 2 to 3 children at our district hospital coming with the severe signs of malaria [each week].  This is because the malaria treatment is given right away at the community [level], so the cases are reduced because of that.”

“And more especially the church is so concerned, because the church knows why the church is there in the world. It’s there because of our risen Father Jesus Christ.  We serve the people.” 

“I have hope for the future, for this Health Center, and through you I know we will have assistance.”

To read the full interview with Stella, please click here. 

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