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God Will Provide

Posted on January 18, 2013 by allisonbeebe

A bustling village makes for a bright bulletin board.

The Sunday School classes at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Park Ridge, IL are focusing on an important theme this year: God Will Provide.

The Sunday Schoolers have been reading Bible stories which teach them about God’s provision.  This theme also connects to a special emphasis on the ELCA Malaria Campaign. Working through God’s church – both here in the US and in 11 different national church bodies in Africa – God will provide medication, nets and education in order to prevent and treat malaria. We join the children of St. Luke’s in trusting that God will provide the means to make malaria history! All of their Sunday School offerings this year will go towards the ELCA Malaria Campaign.

To demonstrate the work of the ELCA Malaria Campaign, St. Luke’s member Kelly Kohldorfer has created a colorful bulletin board of an African village. The village is a lively place full of people, animals and buildings. Some people are at rest and some are at play. Many of those that are at rest are sleeping safely beneath mosquito nets. Another net is added to the mural for every fifty dollars that is raised by the congregation.

Some people are safely resting beneath nets – soon the whole village will be protected!

The thermometer to measure fundraising progress is even shaped like a fly swatter! The Swat-O-Meter is a fun way to keep people motivated. St. Luke’s malaria campaign extends beyond the Sunday School, too. They sold Mosquito Net Angels at a Good Gifts fair during Advent, and observed World Malaria Day in April.

Thanks, St. Luke’s, for sharing your vibrant bulletin board with us! We trust that all the people in the mural will be protected beneath nets very soon.

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