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Posted on July 16, 2013 by jessicanipp

There are so many advantages– become a monthly partner with the ELCA Malaria Campaign!

Here it is– the moment you have all been waiting for!

We are thrilled to offer our supporters the opportunity to give monthly to the ELCA Malaria Campaign (and to other ELCA ministries, such as ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response).

Here are my TOP TEN reasons to give monthly!

  1. It’s really easy. Sign-up only takes about 5 minutes, and you can do it online at www.elca.org/monthlypartners or by phone at 800-635-3522, ext. 2638.
  2.  If you are a sometimes-forgetful person (like me), or if your schedule gets complicated at times (like mine), the Monthly Partners program makes it easy to give consistently. You’ll never forget to write out the check or send in the envelope.
  3. We give you options! You can choose to give via credit card or straight from your bank account (to save us the credit card processing fees).
  4. For a non-profit ministry that depends on donations, it’s wonderful to know that a certain amount of money will be coming in each month from our Monthly Partners. We can count on you
  5. Having a cadre of monthly givers makes us a stronger organization with lower overhead costs.  Sending out mailings seeking donations is an expense for us.  Donors who have signed up to give monthly lower those costs. That means even more money going to the mission of overcoming malaria!
  6. If you’re a monthly giver, we can concentrate on thanking you and updating you on our ongoing programming– rather than soliciting you for gifts.
  7. Giving monthly is a way of giving your “first fruits” of your paycheck back to God’s mission in the world. It’s a way to live out the ELCA’s mission of “God’s Work. Our Hands” with an intentional, personal commitment.
  8. Giving monthly is an intentional commitment– but it’s not set in stone.  If you want to change the amount of your gift, or end your monthly giving, you can do so at any time by calling 800-635-3522, ext. 2638.
  9. Because a child in Africa dies every 60 seconds from malaria.  And we believe that no one should die of a disease that’s preventable and treatable.
  10. The ELCA Malaria Campaign is one of the best causes around. Through your donations, our Lutheran sisters and brothers in Africa are empowered to design and implement malaria programs that are already changing lives.  Communities are already being impacted by the educaiton, prevention and treatment resources that are being shared by ELCA-sponsored campaigns.

Will you join me in giving monthly to the ELCA Malaria Campaign?

If you have any questions about our Monthly Giving program, please contact our colleague Krystal McClinton at krystal.mcclinton@elca.org or  800-635-3522, ext. 2638.

Thanks!  Jessica Nipp Hacker, Coordinator, ELCA Malaria Campaign

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