Malaria Program Dashboard

Posted on February 18, 2014 by Jessica Nipp Hacker
Jessica Nipp Hacker

Good morning! We wanted to share with you a malaria program update in the form of our “Malaria Program Dashboard.” This dashboard shows at a glance which stage of programming each country’s malaria program has reached. The last time we posted a Dashboard to this blog was June 2013, and I’m proud to announce that a lot of progress has been made since then.

Dashboard Feb 2014 for web
Our updated February 2014 version of the Malaria Program Dashboard is above. (For an electronic copy, email!) If you view the dashboard, you’ll see that many of the programs we support are already in full program mode, bringing education, prevention and treatment to communities all over Southern, East and West Africa.

Since our June 2013 Dashboard report, the following programs have completed additional steps in the program process:

  • In Angola, the malaria program has completed its detailed program proposal, community baseline survey and stakeholders meetings, and has launched officially.
  • The malaria program in Namibia has completed its program concept note and has begun the detailed program proposal, community baseline assessment and meetings of key stakeholders. Full program launch is expected later this year.
  • In South Sudan, a detailed proposal has been completed, along with organizational training and meetings with key stakeholders. At the moment, however, program plans are on hold due to the the political unrest that has impacted the nation. Our companions there are focusing on emergency response and maintaining security in the midst of the national situation.
  • In Uganda, the malaria program has completed its organizational training and capacity building plans and continues with full program activities.
  • In Burundi, the new malaria program has begun at an accelerated pace. Our Lutheran World Federation partners in Burundi have already completed the concept note and program proposal, staff recruitment and stakeholders meetings. The community baseline assessment, cooperation agreement, and organizational training are underway. Full program launch will follow shortly.
  • The program in Central African Republic remains on hold due to the tenuous social and political situation. The ELCA is working with LWF and the local Lutheran church to determine the best way to support malaria-related activities for refugees and those still living in the CAR.
  • Since June, the malaria program in Liberia has completed its detailed program proposal and stakeholders meetings, and has begun work on organizational training and launching the program in pilot communities.  Full program launch is expected this year.

Our sincere thanks to all of you who have supported the ELCA Malaria Campaign thus far! The little blue circles on this dashboard represent lives that have been changed and communities that have received the resources and education they need to take care of their families and protect themselves from malaria. Your gifts are making an impact!

Caia 3 for web
After partcipating in an educational workshop, a woman in Caia, Mozambique
receives a mosquito net from a village health worker.  (If