Malaria care during pregnancy – The Lutheran malaria program in Burundi

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Jessica Nipp Hacker
Jessica Nipp Hacker

Aline Ndayizeye lives in the village of Mwiruzi in Mishiha Commune in Burundi.

She is pregnant with her third child, and during her pregnancy, she has struggled with malaria. “Once I became pregnant,” Aline says, “I kept getting sick because I had contracted malaria. I couldn’t eat.  I lost my appetite.”

Aline Ndayizeye for web

A volunteer animator from the Lutheran malaria program in Burundi (which is supported by your gifts to the ELCA Malaria Campaign) visited Aline. “He advised me to go to ​the health clinic for testing.  That’s when I found out I had malaria.  I now keep going to the health clinic for treatment during my pregnancy.”

“In most cases when a person is pregnant, she has special needs,” says Aline.

And this has been an especially difficult pregnancy for her. She has a difficult time sleeping and suffers from a backache and some pain in her lower abdomen. Because of her advanced stage of pregnancy, “at this point, I can’t carry water or go to fetch firewood. I wouldn’t be able to travel much, even on a bike.”

Her neighbors help her around the home when they can, and Aline’s husband sometimes cuts firewood for their household. “That helps a lot,” she says.

Aline is glad that in the midst of a difficult pregnancy, malaria is one of the difficulties that can be cured. When she feels ill, she listens to the advice of the volunteer animators, and, she says, her neighbors do too.

“Most of the people in the community now go to health clinic when they have malaria,” Aline relates. “They do listen to advice and go to the clinic to get tested.   Once malaria is found, the patients receive malaria tablets and they go home to take them.”

We wish Aline the best of luck with the remainder of her pregnancy, and pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby!