ELCA Foundation enters into partnership with Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest

Posted on July 17, 2013 by ELCA News

The ELCA Foundation has entered into a partnership with the Texas-based Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest, an agreement considered to be historic for enhancing the financial ministries of the ELCA.

“I’m excited for the expanded capacity this partnership will bring to both Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest and the ELCA Foundation in strengthening our ability to serve the wider church,” said Annette Shoemaker, director for the ELCA Foundation. The ELCA Foundation offers gift planning and endowment services that support the church’s partners, churchwide ministries, synods and congregations. 

“When two strong Lutheran entities combine to work together, the impact is huge for the Lutheran community,” said Mark Armstrong, interim executive director for the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest. “It opens up endless possibilities and resources that better allow us to assist Lutherans in their dreams and goals of stewardship gifts to Lutheran agencies, which in turn allows these Lutheran agencies to further carry out their dreams of helping and assisting Lutherans through their programs and ultimately strengthening the overall church.”

With this partnership the ELCA Foundation will add a regional gift planner to the Southwest foundation staff, extending service to all three ELCA synods in the state — Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod, Southwestern Texas Synod and Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod. 

“I’m excited about this new spirit of partnership. I believe this will increase our capability to grow generosity, and support synodical and churchwide ministry,” said the Rev. Michael W. Rinehart, bishop of the ELCA Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod.

“It is a very historic time in the life of Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest,” said Armstrong. “Our work has been akin to a pebble being thrown into a pond, and we watch as our work creates ripples radiating out across the pond. Now with this partnership, the ripples will be stronger, radiating out farther. The pond is now a lake.”