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    ELCA Churchwide Assembly receives Malaria Campaign report

    Posted on August 16, 2013 by assemblynews

    Jessica Nipp HackerA report on the ELCA Malaria Campaign was given to the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly Aug. 16. by Jessica Nipp Hacker, ELCA Malaria Campaign coordinator.  Through the campaign, rolled out by the 2011 Churchwide Assembly, ELCA members have committed to raise $15 million by 2015 to partner with Lutheran churches in Africa in their efforts to prevent and treat malaria and to educate communities about the disease.

    Nipp Hacker reported to the assembly that to-date the campaign has raised $8.7 million – more than halfway to the goal of $15 million.

    “Our challenge today is to finish the campaign strong. In order to meet our goal of $15 million by 2015, we need to raise $6.3 million in the next two years.  I know we can do it,” Nipp Hacker said.

    Nipp Hacker shared with the assembly some of the success stories of the campaign and the impact the members’ donations have made to help contain the deadly disease.

    “Our companions in 12 countries in Africa are leveraging our generosity into real results. Their comprehensive, community-based malaria programs are already beginning to change lives, and to change communities, all over sub-Saharan Africa,” she said.

    Nipp Hacker provided the following highlights of the campaign:

    + More than 7,000 staff and volunteers have been trained to educate their communities about malaria prevention and control.

    + The Kapiri Health Center in Malawi reported a 90% decrease in cases of severe malaria since the program began.

    + These malaria programs have so far reached 1.7 million people.

     The assembly watched a video field report from the Lutheran Malaria Program in Zambia.

    Nipp Hacker concluded her report saying,” So many lives are being saved. Just a year ago, a child in Africa was dying every 45 seconds of malaria.  Thanks to the work of Lutherans and millions of others across the globe, that death rate has slowed dramatically.  Now we lose one child a minute.  Much progress has been made, but I’m sure we all agree that our work is not complete until no children are dying from malaria.”




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