Home Movie Day

Posted on October 13, 2011 by Joel

​Dusting off the old blog to celebrate Home Movie Day in the Archives. The embedded film’s can was labeled Augsburg LSU 1942, but after digital
transfer it is pretty obvious that it is not related to Augsburg or to
the Lutheran Free Church at all, but rather the Lutheran Student Union
of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The campus scenes included were shot
at the 1942 convention at Augustana College in Sioux Falls and at the
1944 convention at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, both colleges of the
ELC. The LSU was the college-age auxilliary to the Young People’s
Luther League. Executive Secretary of the YPLL from 1941-1948 was Oscar
C. Hanson, whose son Mark is now the ELCA Presiding Bishop. Oscar Hanson
appears in shots in this film at both conventions.

A rough timeline of the film:
0-1:05 four unidentified individuals
1:06-2:04 LSU Augustana 1942, Concordia College students exiting Dakota Bus Lines bus.
2:04-2:34 Registration, Oscar C. Hanson on steps of college building
2:34-2:40 Augustana Administration Building
2:40-3:08 Press room
3:08-4:38 Attendees
4:39-6:34 LSU, Luther College, 1944, C.K. Preus Gym, arrivals, shots of buildings
6:34-6:55 Vesterheim?
6:56-7:24 More shots of Luther including Martin Luther statue
7:24-8:32 Oscar C. Hanson and students
8:32-end First Lutheran, Decorah

Brief articles on the conventions from the Lutheran Herald are also available for 1942 and 1944.